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Kismet is a Community of individuals who forge their fate together. Kismet Casa is a collective effort to accommodate talented individuals who need support to attend crypto native hackathons and art exhibitions.


We currently run both hacker and creator houses. We work with sponsors to accommodate their stay, their food, and anything else we can. We support our hackers by helping them find the right team members, hosting workshops, and providing the resources they need. We support our creators by helping them meet and collaborate with new artists, gain exposure, and by providing special access to events.


Luciano found it was difficult to find efficient accommodations when attempting to attend Ethereum Hackathons throughout high school and college. There weren’t many opportunities for those who couldn’t afford a hotel or Airbnb. In an effort to change that for hackers, we created Kismet Casa. Lea then asked, “Why can’t we do this for artists and creators” so we did. Our goal for Kismet Casa is to create more opportunities for hackers and creators who could benefit from our support.


Kismet Casa is run by Luciano DeAngelo and Lea Olmos.

Past Events

Kismet Casa at Ethereum Argentina - Aug 2023

Kismet Casa at BRT Moments - Nov 2023

Creator House 2023 Collection

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The simple life of Casa Kismet

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Kismet Zorb.1

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